Frequently Asked Questions

On Imperial's Food Packaging Containers & Green Chemical Products

What kind of food packaging containers and chemical products do you sell?

We sell To-Go packaging, microwave containers, catering products, holiday items, produce packaging and custom promotional packaging. We have high-quality janitorial & washroom supplies, including germ fighting solutions. We specialize in eco-friendly chemicals / green chemical products as well as green food packaging containers and green tableware.

What do you mean when you say your products are 'Green'?

"Green" products have a positive impact on the environment. Imperial's lines of green food packaging containers, green tableware and green chemical products are the most complete in the industry. We offer green packaging products such as compostable PLA cups; 100% recycled napkins and tissue products; biodegradable cutlery; 100% recycled paper bags; re-usable totes; sugar cane plates, bowls & containers; compostable to-go packaging; and eco-friendly chemicals (janitorial supplies).

What green packaging alternatives do you have for food packaging containers?

Green food packaging and green tableware options include compostable hinged containers made from renewable resources, wrapping made from unbleached paper, and even stylish dinnerware made from fallen leaves.

How can I become a customer?

If you are interested in our line of food packaging containers, green food packaging, green tableware or green chemical products, you can become a customer by filling out the applications on the Open Your Account page or calling Robert D'Elia at (917) 364-4643.